Essential Hanbali Fiqh of Purification & Prayer

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THURSDAYS 7:00pm-8:30pm – starts Thurs 6 January 2022

Shaykh Saleh Abu Hashim 

Course Overview:

This course will cover the essential rulings relating to purification and prayer which are incumbent for a person who would like to worship according to the Hanbali school. 

The following topics will be covered from the classical Hanbali primer by Imam Balban named, “Akhsar al-Mukhtasarat”. 

  1. A brief introduction to the Hanbali school 
  1. Personal hygiene 
  1. Bathroom manners 
  1. How to make wudu 
  1. Wiping over footgear, bandages, turbans and hijabs 
  1. Nullifiers of wudu 
  1. How to make ghusl 
  1. How to make tayammum 
  1. Cleaning and removing filth 
  1. Menstruation 
  1. Prayer times 
  1. Adhan 
  1. Conditions for the validity of prayer 
  1. Description of the prayer 
  1. Prostration of forgetfulness 
  1. Voluntary prayers 
  1. Prohibited times of prayer 
  1. Congregational prayer 
  1. Leading the prayer 
  1. Prayer of the sick person 
  1. Traveller’s prayer 
  1. Friday prayer 
  1. Eid prayer 
  1. Rulings relating to sickness and death 
  1. The funeral prayer 
  1. Rulings relating the graveyard and praying for the dead 

Text: The course text can be purchased from this link: 

Hanbali Acts of Worship: From Ibn Balban’s The Supreme Synopsis: Furber, Musa, al-Hanbali, Ibn Balban: 9781944904036: Books 

Start date: Thurs 6 January 2022

Length: 15 weeks, every Thurs 7 – 8.30pm  

Venue: This course is face to face only at London College of Islamic Studies. 

Instructor:  Shaykh Saleh Abu Hashim is from High Wycombe and works with the Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation.  He has spent 5 years working and studying in the Arab world and has translated two short introductory works on the science of hadith.  He has studied a range of  Islamic texts with scholars from Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Indian Subcontinent. Shaykh Saleh is a visiting lecturer at London College of Islamic Studies.

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We hope that this will allow all genuine seekers of knowledge to connect to our highly-qualified teachers and benefit from their company and knowledge.

Please note that this course will only run if there are sufficient student numbers.