Hanafi Fiqh – Purification & Prayer

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Day & Time: Sundays 6.30 – 7.45 PM

Start Date: Sunday 9th January 2022

Instructor: Shaykh Faisal ibn Abdul Majid 

Course synopsis:

The acceptance of our obligatory prayer – Salah- must be preceded by performing ritual purity (Tahara) and it must be preceded by having the correct prior knowledge of its ritual details. 

Would you like to memorise a short English didactic poem that unlocked your obligatory (Fard ‘ayn) knowledge of these points in a short 12 week course?  

This course is for adults  however young adults aged between 11-18 and those who would like to revise and consolidate their knowledge of jurisprudence would benefit from it. 

A series of mnemonics will be taught to each student, rendered from the Arabic into English to help operationalise obligatory actions of ritual purification and prayer. 

For more advanced students, the course will cover the Arabic Matn and students can memorise key phrases and parts for each lesson.

Each lesson will be presented in powerpoint with learning diagrams, charts and illustrations. Practical demonstrations of Tahara will also be part of this course. 

For those who perform prayers without adequately fulfilling the required prerequisites render their worship incomplete if not unacceptable according to the sacred law, have every reason to study and learn this knowledge which is incumbent on every Muslim. 

Upon successful completion and memorisation of each section with understanding a course certification will be given

Topics covered:

Introduction to Fiqh (Jurisprudence) and the Fuqaha (Legal-pragmatists)
Usul Fiqh Definitions 
Life of Imam Abu Hanifa 
Introduction to English didactic poem 
Types of water 
Sur the remnant water 
Wudu, conditions, sunnas, adab, validity 
Tayammum (Dry Ablution) 
Wiping over the Khufain
Tanning the Hide 

The Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: 

‘To whomever Allah wishes goodness he gives him understanding of the details (fiqh) of his religion’

Course TextsNur Ul Idaah Imam Shurunbalali’sMaraqi Al FalahThe Book of Taharah Nur Ul Idaah by Zahir Mahmood
Number of Lessons12 lessons
Course VenueFace to Face at LCI & Live ONLINE
Level of Course (ie, beginner, intermediate, advanced)Beginner & Intermediate