Introduction to Aqeeda

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Sidi Temoor Khan 

Tuesdays 7.15 – 9 pm

Starts Tuesday 2 November 2021 @ London College of Islamic Studies

Course overview:

In an ever changing world man continues to question his purpose for being. Allah (swt) reminds us in Surat Al Imran (3:14) “It has been attractive for people to love the desired things; that is, women, children, hoarded heaps of gold and silver, branded horses, cattle and tillage. That is an enjoyment of the worldly life…” How much do these words ring true today ?, providing man with such a potent reminder of the state we are in today; wanton consumerism and competitive capitalism which has brought misery to billions in the form of the credit crunch. 
In recent times it is against this backdrop that the question of belief has plagued man and continues to be of importance to the way any community perceives itself and its role in the wider world. Thus the methodology in which people respond to their daily struggles, be they personal or social, is highly indicative of the essential beliefs each individual holds and to what extent they allow those beliefs to influence their choices. A Muslims’ belief in Allah (swt) is tantamount to how they address these challenges which may range from Prophet hood, predestination and the way they perceive secular authority. 
This course will set out to address those issues that Muslim theologians and scholars over the centuries have held to be significant with regards to what a Muslim believes and, more importantly, how these beliefs should be articulated. 
Those familiar with the development of Islamic theology acknowledge the creedal text of al- Tahawiyah as one of the earliest and primal works in its field, which was to gain acceptance by the Sunni community as representational of its rudiments in belief. 
The text of al- Tahawiyah is dogmatic and is in precise keeping to the fundamentals of a Muslims’ belief. It has truly stood the test of time, having been used for centuries by Muslims all over the world as a creedal text to be memorised with basic commentary. By covering this creedal work it is hoped those attending will obtain a principle understanding of what is meant by the oneness of Allah; What can and cannot be ascribed to Him or described of Him; an understanding of the infallibility of His Messengers and the necessity of this. As well as what constitutes a tenet of faith that must be believed in and areas of belief that are subsidiary. The emphasis will be on bringing the meanings and implications of these beliefs into your life – thus your daily life is ‘touched by faith’ and so enabling you to begin to look at life around you in light of your beliefs. 

Course Text: Aqeeda Tahawi

Start date: Tues 02/11/2021

Length: 12 weeks

Instructor: Sidi Temoor Khan has studied the Islamic sciences for many years with several scholars. He is a lecturer in Aqeedah at London College of Islamic Studies, and has traditional ijaza to teach the subject.

Venue: This course is face to face only at London College of Islamic Studies. 

Fees: Pay What You Want (normal fee £50)

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Please note that this course will only run if there are sufficient student numbers.