Introduction to Hadith sciences

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Thursdays 7:00pm-8:30pm

Starts 4th Nov 2021 

Shaykh Saleh Abu Hashim 

Course Synopsis: 

Many of us have heard the terms “hadith” and “sunnah” but may not have a clear understanding of what these terms mean. This short 7-week course will introduce students to the key concepts and ideas around common terms of hadith which a person will commonly encounter. The course will be delivered using a set of specially prepared course notes and resources based on classical sources. Students will cover the following:  

1. Definition of a hadith  

2. What makes a hadith Sahih (Authentic)  

3. What makes a hadith Daif (Weak)  

4. If a hadith is weak why did some scholars practice them in their religious lives  

5. Hadith chains which initially appear authentic but turn out to be weak  

6. Definition of a Hadith Qudsi 

7. Hadith terms defined by the number of narrators for a hadith: Mutawatir, Ahad etc.  

8. The Mursal hadith and its impact on differences of opinion  

9. Hadith of the companions and their students  

10. Musalsal (Pattern chained) hadith  

11. Mawdu (Fabricated) hadith  

12. Reasons why a hadith may be Sahih but not practised by some scholars  

13. Case study of unique hadith chains from Islamic history compiled by Imam Suyuti 

Course Texts: 

Prepared notes and diagrams by teacher and Bayquniyyah poem with notes of Shaykh Hasan al-Mashat (optional) 

Start date: 4th November 2021 

Length: 7 weeks, every Thurs 7 – 8.30pm  

Venue: This course is face to face only at London College of Islamic Studies. 

Instructor:  Shaykh Saleh Abu Hashim is from High Wycombe and works with the Karima al-Marwaziyya Foundation.  He has spent 5 years working and studying in the Arab world and has translated two short introductory works on the science of hadith.  He has studied a range of  Islamic texts with scholars from Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the Indian Subcontinent. Shaykh Saleh is a visiting lecturer at London College of Islamic Studies.

Fees: Pay What You Want (normal fee £80)

At LCI, we want our courses to be accessible for everyone. For that reason, we have decided to waive our course fees altogether, and allow students to Pay What You Want (minimum small registration fee).

We hope that this will allow all genuine seekers of knowledge to connect to our highly-qualified teachers and benefit from their company and knowledge.

Please note that this course will only run if there are sufficient student numbers.