Snapshot from Madinah: The Structure of the Prophetic Society

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Sheikh Ahmed Saad Al-Azhari 

“…the prophetic society was way ahead of its time..”

Wednesdays 8.30 – 9.30pm – 10 week course

Start date: Weds 17th November 2021

This course is Online LIVE lessons


Based on Sayyid Abdul Hayy Al-Kittani’s groundbreaking work, Al-Taratib Al-Idariyyah, this course looks into the structure of the Madinian society as organised and administered by the Prophet ﷺ. It is a novice way of amalgamating and organising textual tradition that describes how that society functioned under the leadership of the Prophet ﷺ. Looking at the different sectors of public service, private professions, use of the then-very advanced techniques of administration, leaves us that the concept of a civil state is by no means alien to the Prophetic tradition. From a perfect judiciary system and organised security and police force to structured religious affairs, from perfect fiscal and bookkeeping system to market law enforcement and from specialised professions and handcrafts to a unique health and quarantine system, the Prophetic society was ahead of its time and unique in the whole of the Arabian Peninsula and even the neighbouring Persian and Byzantine super empires. The course summarizes and rearranges the 1000 pages work in an academic, engaging, informative and eye-opening manner. 


Al-Taratib Al-Idariyyah Abridgement of Taratib by Ahmed Saad Al-Azhari 

Prophetic Initiatives in institutionalizing Money Matters [Peer-Reviewed Paper by Ahmed Saad Al-Azhari] 

Venue: Online Live Classes (recordings will be available for students who are enrolled)

Instructor: Shaykh Ahmad Saad is an Egyptian born, British Islamic scholar, and is the founder of the Ihsan Institute. He is an advocate of teaching traditional Islamic sciences; which he has taught in various parts of the world (full bio). He is a visiting senior lecturer at London College of Islamic Studies.

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